Shipping & Delivery information for Custom Shirts

As per our model, each custom dress shirt is made from scratch. First, a pattern is made, based on your measurements and preferences, and then your shirt is hand-made by our experienced tailors. We ship our products by mail to any country in the world. The delivery time is as follows

Normal Orders

Normal orders take around 2 weeks in production. Add 3 to 5 days in shipping depending upon the shipment method you choose.

Rush and dated orders

Rush and dated (order must ship till the given date) orders are given special attention. We have separate manufacturing process to expedite fast delivery keeping the fit and quality same. Normally Rush Orders take 1 week (5 working days) in production and extra 3 to 5 days in shipping. So shirts are delivered in almost 2 weeks. Due to the customer's demand for expedited production on Rush orders, we cannot offer the fit (trial) shirt option of receiving a fit shirt first in order to, if necessary, adjust the pattern. Thus, all Rush orders are considered final, with no refunds issued. However, we will gladly remake the shirts at 50% of the cost plus shipping fees on our regular delivery time schedule. Please note that dated order cannot have dates less than 1 week.

Fit/trial Shirt Orders

We expedite trial shirt in 2 weeks. Add 3 to 5 days for delivery.

Cancellation Policy

After an order is paid, we confirm order and measurement details to our customers for making an exact fit shirt. After the order is confirmed we put in production. Normally it takes 24 hours from the date of confirmation and pattern cutting. After the pattern is cut, order cannot be cancelled. Therefore, we cannot make any changes or issue refunds after that time period.

Return Policy

We have a 30-day limit on returns. You may return shirts for the following reasons only:

  1. The shirts are defective in workmanship or material.
  2. The order is not made according to the style and measurements you provided. Please note that we add essential industry standard allowances when crafting your shirts. We add 1 inch to the sleeve measurements you provide, for shrinkage allowances. We add 6, 7 or 8 inches to the chest depending on the type of fit you have chosen for movement and flexibility. The finished shirts will reflect these allowances.
Important: Please write to to obtain return authorization before returning merchandise. Please note the original shipping cost is not refundable.

Shipping Charges

Please see shipping charges below. We understands that getting your items quickly is important to you, so we make every effort to process your order quickly.

US/Canada Shipping Charges
No. of shirts Shipping Charges
(Per Shirt)
1 $9.95
2 $9.50
3 $9.20
4 $8.50
5 $7.50
6 $6.70
7 $6.40
8 $6.20
9 $6.00
10 $5.90
11 $5.80
12 $5.70
13 $5.50
14 $5.40
15 $5.30
15+ $5.00
International Shipping Charges
No. of shirts Shipping Charges
(Per Shirt)
1 $32.50
2 $20.50
3 $15.50
4 $13.00
5 $11.50
6 $10.00
7 $9.50
8 $8.50
9 $8.00
10 $7.50
11 $7.50
12 $7.00
13 $6.50
14 $6.30
15 $6.00
15+ $5.50